A film by Álfgerður Malmquist Baldursdóttir

I worked as a DIT, script supervisor and VFX artist. Since we were working in Iceland in January, with limited daylight, I had the challenge to change the window light from night to day. 

Everyday Ómar starts his workday an hour before everyone else, to sing his opera in secret. One day everything changes when a video of goes viral.

Director: Álfgerður Malmquist Baldursdóttir
Screenwriter: Álfgerður Malmquist Baldursdóttir
Producer: Sara Russo
Cast: Örn Árnasson, Rakel Ýr Stefánsdóttir, Almar Blær Sigurjónsson, Sólveig Heiðrún Stefánsdóttir, Páll Jónsson, Trausti Dagbjartsson

DIT/VFX: Carolina Cardoso


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